Think Pink – #34 style

The Carolina Panthers.

No secret I adore them.  Today however, one stands out in particular.  #34 – DeAngelo Williams.  The man with the big smile and fast strides.  One of the greats.

On and off the field.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month & the NFL gets covered in pink.  In the game against the Saints, there was a moment where DeAngelo talked about how we all share the struggle & together we fight.  I had no idea how closely this disease has effected his life.  His mom is a survivor, but unfortunately his sisters have not. As they say, He Always Thinks Pink.  While out of context that might sound strange, this time it makes him one of the best men around.

Wish I could have made the walk in Charlotte to show support, but I’ve missed it. Still its the 10th of the month (in a couple hours… but close enough) & I have vowed to give $10 to a cause I feel strongly about.  This one clearly is close to almost everyone.

In digging deeper to see how I could help, I noticed a local walk.

In Wilmington, coming up soon.

So I’m in.  With the $10.  And for once, I’m asking that you support me in this cause.  If you can and would like, I would be incredibly grateful for any amount that you can spare to give.

THANK YOU if you can give.  THANK YOU if you can spread the word.  THANK YOU if you can do your part.


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