Noticing a few things that seem to be in common in my world.

Like the fact that the two dates I lined up this week, both forgot to mention that they are divorced from one wife and are now divorcing the second.  One actually posted he was single. Starting off with lies, great foundation.

Like the more I try to save money the tougher it seems to be to keep in my pocket.  Its the moments in life where I feel like I have enough, that I start to actually have enough.  Hard part is tricking myself into thinking that when wishing the amounts on the accounts were higher.  Knowing that so many are without work & living on less reminds me to be grateful for all I have.

The times when I think positive, my life is better.  Maybe its the outlook that hides the bullshit.. or maybe we get what we give.  Positive energy out & positive blessings in.

Either way a bit of optimism never killed anyone, except that person who thought they could tight rope walk between the two skyscrapers, or that thought they would be able to tame the tigers.. ok never mind! Still thinking positive here.  Trusting in the good stuff.

So an update – remember back last month when I set a few goals?

Well tomorrow is the tenth.

Time for Ten On Ten! Ten on Ten is a simple way to give back. For as little as .33 a day you can make the biggest difference! On the 10th of each month choose a charity and donate $10, it is that simple. A little will go a long way.   Thinking I will update you tomorrow on my progress, but also wanted to invite anyone who reads this to also consider donating $10 in a way that helps.  Your choice.  I’d love to hear if you join me.

As far as the other goals I set:  working on getting more photos to complete the list, certainly spending more time with people outside of work and commenting on more blogs as often as I can.  The losing 15 pounds however, is going to be a tad tough.  To track at the very least.  After a long time of it being hidden away, I got it out to find it was dead.  Thought it was the batteries, but even new ones didn’t help.  So it has gone to the great junk hill in the sky.  Excuse? well it doesn’t hurt.  But I am working out more and am going to either find a scale to use once in a while or break down & buy one.  Who knows.  Seems pretty useless thing to buy the one hit wonder.  The goal is to get healthier not weigh less than a bag of dog food.

Still doing ok in the reading everyday.  Even though I almost forgot yesterday completely.  Maybe I should take a book on the next date?  Certainly would have been more entertaining.  But who knows.  I’m still open and going to accept the offers as they come until I do end up meeting someone honest, sane and worth spending a bit of time with.  Like I always say “it could have been worse”!



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