the Flower Anniversary

Today marks 4 years to the day my little sister married her husband.  So happy for them both.  They have been through so much yet still stand side by side, year after year.

Sometimes I have to wonder why I’m not celebrating some wedding anniversary, but then I remember I’m celebrating something just as special.  Deciding to get help and not live my life in the hell of the agoraphobia I was sinking into.   Yup 4 years ago, I escape the large room full of people as often as I could in between panic attacks and decided that was enough.  Girl can’t live like that.  So I took the steps (& meds) to get to a better place.

I also recognize that every day they are together, it gives me hope and inspiration.   Just two normal people, who found each other one random night at a party.  Over time they have become family.  Magic does still happen.

Once upon a time.  Some day will be my time.  Til then I get to live it up.

Still reading.  Still hate to admit it, but its a struggle to fit it in.  Used to be so easy.  I remember quite a few rainy days that I did nothing but read.  So wrapped up in the stories, I would even eat while turning pages.  Just engrossed.  Now I’m fighting to cover a few pages at the end of the night.

Habits take time to regain.

Thinking of my sister always reminds me of one of my favorite books, which is also one of her favorite movies…

Course having a great friend surprise me with a gift that is reminiscent also had me thinking of the story all day too!

So happy fourth to my sister & brother-in-law!  May you both celebrate many, many more happily together.


2 thoughts on “the Flower Anniversary

  1. Happy anniversary to sister!

    I maybe too late but I just want to share this fabulous anniversary gift finds (we’re also celebrating our 8th year on December) they’re at and I did order from them.

    I hope this will be of help maybe in the future..or maybe a surprise present for them?

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