Fast Five

What is it about certain things in life that just strike us?

Like Vin Diesel.  Not everyone loves him or even likes him, but to me – he is pure god among men.  The eyes, the walk, the voice, the laugh… listening to him talk about his views on life and the scripts he picks and why just melts me.  He has one of those voices I could imagine listening to at 89 from a wheelchair & still falling in love every time he opens his mouth.  Yes, this girl has it bad.  But why?

So funny how different things just resonate with us.

Love how unique we all are.  I don’t expect everyone to get excited by the roar of a tricked out V8 engine or the growl of Dom Toretto yelling at his crew to save their lives as they go on this mission or that.  But I do.

There are so many other things that just don’t hit me.

Like in the office a couple of the girls started talking about this guy, he does absolutely nothing for me.  Doesn’t make me want to run screaming or hurl, but honestly if he asked me out, I don’t think it would go more than just a courtesy date to see if personality would trump attraction.  Yet there they were talking about him as if he was the best this town had to offer.

Life is just odd like that.

No clue how we are all so one yet so different.  Like that analogy of the snowflakes.  We all fall from the cloud, made up of the same stuff but just so different.  No one better than another, but some more appealing to some than others.  But I love it!

So tonight, I laugh, I squeal, I get to be ecstatic again in watching Vin, Paul Walker & the crew do their thing in those sweet rides.  Fast Five came out today & like I tend to do, I went out & got it as soon as I could.  Watched it twice and still loving it.

First I am going to read, keeping with my commitment to at least 15 minutes per day since its too early to quit now!  Then who knows might have to watch it again as I drift off to sleep.

Knowing that somewhere someone will find me to be amazing for the details and uniqueness I bring to life.  The same way I will find someone who’s voice is music to my ears.  Til then I have Vin.  Ready to play at the touch of the buttons on my remote.

Heck every girl needs a crush.  I just tend to be very loyal to mine.



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