Keep Shooting Til You Get the Shot

Loving this picture a friend on facebook shared! Sadly that is how it has been feeling in my house.  Movies get viewed, TV series kept up & of course I watch any Panthers game I can catch, but the books… gather dust.  No more.

Its day three in the 31 Days of Reading!

Yesterday’s fun in the local session of the World Wide Photo Walk, inspired me.  I feel like I NEED more camera time in my life.  Love the feeling of seeing the details in life & “catching” them.  Great to see some people I hadn’t in a while.  Tonight I have some editing & going through the 665 pictures I took!  Love digital! Just go for it.  Play with it & delete the ones that don’t work out.  Not as committed to the perfect shot as I might be if it was film I had to pay for per shot & to develop before I saw how it came out.  Like the reflection shot…

I had a blast getting this, but it wasn’t the first shot.  Its a reflection in a glass door to an optometrist office.

So much of life doesn’t work out with the first shot.  We have to keep just clicking along to see what works & what doesn’t.  Take the risk of the shot.

Tonight I have to suggest a couple of books that I have loved.  Its photography for those who just want to shoot good picture instead of reading all the details.  Give me the basics & then let me play til I get it.

Scott Kelby, who started & does the photo walks each year, writes books for people like me.  Just the facts please.  Then let me go.  …but be there if I need you to answer a question.

The Digital Photography Book series do that.  I have the set & highly recommend them to anyone who has or wants a DSLR camera.

Then you can be part of the crazy, obsessed crew that scours the streets for that “perfect” shot… or maybe just a few like these.  To remind you why you stay in this town.  The beauty of it all & the fun surprises to be found when you look.


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