Day Two – In a hustle

Did you figure out what you are going to be doing for the next 31 days? Why not make it one to remember or at least do something to make it better?

Me, I’m reading…

31 days of daily reading
Read some in a book last night I started a while back & one that I have read a few times.  Never seems to get old & I always tend to find it hits home with me.  One of those books where I can be going through something in my life, I start reading anywhere in the book & it seems like it was just the part I needed to read right then.
I was lucky enough to get to meet Laurie Cabot when I visited Salem, Mass and have to say I am in awe of her spirit.  My signed copy is a treasure to me but more so are the words that resonate when I need them most.
So what are you reading?
I’m going to share a few books through this month.  May be one I have read in the past, one I am currently in (I tend to be in several at a time) or maybe even one that I am hoping to read soon.
Today is going to be a test on my dedication.  Jam packed day!  Right now I am typing this during the commercials as I watch my PANTHERS take on the Chicago Bears.  Still early & I have hope… sadly I may have to watch the final parts of the game tonight DVR’d.
At 3:30 I’m going downtown to be part of the annual Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk!  AGAIN!  50 photographers per city can participate in this event.  In cities all over the world, photographers get out and capture the day.  Then we post & winners are chosen.  For me its just fun to get out & get a few shots and also see the ones fellow photographers get of the same streets at the same time.  So many different perspectives.

I had a blast last year!

They meet up afterward for dinner, but I got a better offer to dine with friends so looking forward to catching up there.
So… at some point, I will read.   Because I promised myself I would and I will.  This is how the habits are rebuilt.
Enjoy the day!

Thankfully that was water Bijou sneaked a sip of!


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