Started the day still thinking of how I would spend $1,000.  Thinking the best way would have been hopping a flight to Walt Disney World & enjoying the weekend staying in one of the resorts.  Its almost been a year since the last trip there & so much has changed.  Reminds me how we need to treasure each moment, since we only get them once.

Yet I am a lazy bum today.

Beyond lazy.

Blame staying up til 3 am.  Blame the windows being open & having to suffer through hours of a VERY nearly by neighbor “practice” on a drum set.  Blame the slowness of getting caffeine into my addicted body.  Whatever the reason I got a MASSIVE headache & decided to make it a movie day in bed.

Instead of a play date with other pugs, Baxter got a bath.  Thankfully he doesn’t even know what he missed.

Not sure how I went from going to watch scary movies all day to watching cheesy rom-coms, but I did.  Also got me thinking way too much about love.  Thinking about my lack of a love life.  Which is a good thing in many ways, but also not the greatest deal in the world.

So many complications and misunderstandings in the “game” of love.

It is a wonder anyone every makes it happily ever after.  I still have to believe that somewhere, someone still gets to meet, fall, devote themselves & stay together til the end hand in hand as best friends.  It can’t all just be settling for what is there.  Compromise is one thing, but compromising ourselves is another.  Does it ever really go smoothly?

One movie, TiMER, presented the idea that a company invented a device that would be implanted in your wrist & could tell you the day you would meet your soul mate.  IF they also had a timer implanted.  Then the count down would hit zero.  Then during that day, the timer would beep when you two met.  Not all romantic, but you would know who it was & more importantly who it wasn’t.

Still how much would we miss out on if we ONLY dated those that we truly were meant for?  How much do we learn and grow from those “mistakes” we make along the way.  Who is to say that those relationships that didn’t last the test of time, didn’t last just as long as they were meant to.  They serve a purpose in our lives, if only to make us realize we can survive what we think is unsurvivable.

I love the idea that there would be one person to delight us and make the whole life long journey worth traveling, but what if there isn’t? Give up?  Just let go of the whole idea of meeting potential partners completely?

Sometimes it seems the safest way to survive.

Still what is the point of never taking a risk now and then?

Never learn to walk if we stay safely in the crib.

Still sometimes it just all doesn’t seem worth the fight.


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