$1000 or $5

Call me lame, but I am looking forward to a laid back weekend.  No driving out of town, no crazy need to stress or work or hurry around doing anything!

Including relaxing at home alone with the pug, parrots & a bottle of wine.

What no date? on a Friday night where I am in town?  Nope not me and actually really excited to be home in my comfy clothes with no need to worry about looking for clues of interest or disinterest or potential tells of lying.  But I did re-enstate my profile on the dating site… so maybe one day soon.  One profile I saw ask the question of “What would you do if you were given $1,000 to spend in one night? What about if you only had $5?”

Got me thinking.

So post tonight is what I would do!

Maybe its the fact that I have had this option more, but the $5 one is EASY!Kick back at home with a pizza.  Whole pizza? yup. I have a half off coupon for Little Ceasers so the $5 Hot & Ready Cheese Pizza would be mine for $2.50!  SO I have the cash to grab a beer too!

Head home & relax watching a movie on Netflix.

Easy peasy & certainly something that I am familiar with.

Now the $1,000…. that is a bit trickier!

Since this is virtual fun, I am going to assume its all tax free.  Also it would be way too easy to spend it by giving it away.  Charities, families, friends, the pets… all too easy & too realistic.  So purely on me.  (Since it’s purely for blog kicks)

Girl has to eat so why not live it up.  I’m going to a local spot for sushi & a bottle of bubbly!  Don’t think I have ever had the two in one sitting but why not?  Just going to say $150 on that, even though I have never spent that much on a meal.  But say I went for a good bottle & a good tip.

Nothing like a movie, so I would go… course a popcorn & coke in order since its a splurge.  Lets just call that one an easy $40.

So $810 to go!

Why not splurge on a few toys..

like a time lapse camera for $149.  Not only would it be enlightening to see what goes on in my neighborhood when I’m not looking, but watching the parrots play through the day could be great.  So much potential fun to have in this one.

Next phone upgrade to the one I wish I had gotten, but it wasn’t around then & since I JUST redid the contract, I won’t be seeing this one anytime soon.

But say I did spend the $440 to get it tonight.  I’d LOVE it and KISS it and call it Rhyme.  Yes I am a girl who goes a bit ga ga for gadgets.  Especially purple ones.

Maybe a new necklace! Something like this one

Adoring the backside!  So cute, so me.  So $65 on that.

A new deck of tarot cards.  I’ve got a couple of the standard ones to read with, and even a couple of fun ones.  Always fun to see the variations on the art for each card.  The meanings that come thru in the  way the artist does their own interpretation.

Drop another $60 there to get a couple of new decks.

Its fall & its football time, let’s also snag a new PANTHERS shirt!

Hoodie in fact for $37.

Why on earth does this seem so hard? Its virtual money & still I find a hard time spending it!  $208 left at this point.  What else to get in one night?

Maybe a new bag?

A purse to “keep the money”, ok $149 spent (almost) but I had to make the joke.  Spending more money on a bag than I typically care IN the bag seems odd to me.  Maybe I’m just not girly enough for all that.  But in the past couple of years I have learned to love purses, so maybe one day I will understand the expensive bag attraction.  Either way, I have officially stepped up from the wallet and pockets trick…. most of the time!

Coffee will be needed in the morning.

Why not in a pretty mug? $30 hand painted with the purple lotus.

Can’t forget the k-cups of my favorite! Well one of them.  The blueberry flavored one.  $17

Then at the end of the night, I just want a comfy pillow to lay my head upon to dream a few more dreams.


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