No Bigger than a Peanut

One thing that never seems to change about visiting my parents house is…

Sure it can be nuts, but this time I mean the actual edible type.  Cans of cashews, mixed nuts, honey roasted, peanuts, sugar coated, fresh pecans waiting to be shelled, bags meant for baking, you name it they have probably had it.

We tend to differ on our favorites, but they all get eaten sooner or later.
Personally if its a peanut, I don’t want anything to do with it unless its been smashed into peanut butter or mixed into some candy something.  Mom prefers pecans, but doesn’t care much for hazels.
this past visit I discovered a new one for me..

Which I am now simply ga-ga for. Love them.  Course not many almonds are bad, but some how this improves them to a new level of perfection.  No clue where they got them, but in the caring comforting way they send the can home with me.  So now I get to eat a few at work for snack or just before bed.

Never really thought much about it today, but for some reason I never really buy nuts for my own house.  Occasionally, but I’m more likely to get a trail mix or granola.  A simple nut mix or single nut type reminds me of my parents.  One of those things I just expect when I go.  Not in a “it better be there way”, but in the little way that makes that place unique and their home.

Probably nothing they think about or even realize.  They just like to have them around and eat them as they go about life.

But makes me wonder:  What are the little details that makes my life unique to others?

I went through a phase of a few years where I wore vanilla fragrance everyday.  I loved it & just spray a dash just as routine brushing my hair.

One day after I had moved on from a job, I went back in to visit.  Immediately one of my co-workers burst out “THAT’S IT!”  I looked shocked.  He explained that something was missing since I had left & he couldn’t quite place it.  Then when I returned he realized it was the vanilla scent.  We laughed & he said he was going to have to get a candle to burn every now & then.  It had never really struck me how much that had become me to others.

Its the little things that make us & the little things we miss when they are gone.

Maybe its time I dashed on some vanilla & munched on a few almonds.


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