Kiss It

Last day at this age? no problem. Ready to kiss this year good-bye.

Had early hope for the day.  It is TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY!

Still younger than Marilyn was.  That’s the motto de jour when I get stressed.  Like today.  Worked, a few highs & a few lows.  It was a Monday.  Some oh the situations I have to deal with break my heart and others just make me want to scream & throw a punch into someone’s face. People can disgust me sometimes.  Its like the friendly mask comes off & we get to see the monster within.

End of the day I finally got around to doing something I really have needed to do for a while – grocery shopping!  Honestly I haven’t had anything perishable in my fridge since cleaning it all out after Hurricane Irene.  I realized this the other day when I went in there for a vitamin & looked around.  Vitamins, powered mashed potato flakes, water, vodka, beer, rum, pasta, nope.  Nothing perishable. Sad.  But I seriously have been hating the thought of spending more cash on food that could just go bad in a heartbeat… or a power outage.  But I did.  Braved the chaos and tossed the cash.  Not that I have used any of it yet.

See I got home.  Pulled up in the drive way.  Opened the door.  Went around the car & heard:


Neighbors blasting the most recently replayed episode of cops? Nope.  Reality in actual reality.

Not sure who the neighbor is or what he had done, but I do know that although I froze & debated hitting the ground but also kind of wanted to know why & thanked myself to going to the bathroom before leaving work, the neighbor in demand decided rather than drop – he would high tail it out of there.  He hopped in a car & squealed out.  Which prompted several other cars, unmarked ones seemed to appear all over, to follow in pursuit.  Loud tires everywhere! Fun times.  Oh yeah did I ever mention how much I enjoy my house? (sarcasm HAS to be evident in that last statement.)  Felt like Dateline’s To Catch A Predator was here in the neighborhood!  Only no cookies on the awkward table with only one seat and no sign of Chris Hanson.

I’m not particularly fond of seeing bullet proof vests and raised firearms across the street, but what was even scarier was listening to the neighbors who witness the event.  They actually bitched about the police presence!  Didn’t think it was fair that there were undercover cars all over the neighborhood. REALLY? Actually that part made me feel a little safer.  The fact that they felt the NEED to be there sickens me.  At least they are aware there is a problem around here.  Listening to people complain that the unmarked cars had out of state tags was enlightening.

After unloading the cars, all I could think is GET OUT OF HERE.  So I did.  No need to wait to here for the shit to go down & wonder where the bullets would fly (my thoughts are that if the guy comes back, he probable will be more ready).   Been there done that &  the last thing I want to deal with is  the violence today.  Forget Hide Ya Kids Hide Ya Wife, get the hell out of there!

Its been a while since I went shopping – fun, clothes, shoes ME shopping.  So I did. Til it got boring.  Then it was chinese for dinner instead of fixing the food from the store.  Another chance to avoid the house.

I’d say no luck since I didn’t find anything I just HAD to have, but the real luck is coming home calmer.  The klonapin kicking in may have had a little to do with that, but so far so good.  No more action & I’m hoping we have a quiet night around here.  Wouldn’t be shocked to hear the copter back in action on patrol.

Add  to that saying good bye to a friend who deployed today.  Off overseas to fly planes for a year.  Sounds dangerous to me, but none of it is easy.  Wishing him & all of those guys luck.  One thing I’m pretty sure about is my next year is going to be easier than his.  That & I am grateful for all the things their service is affording me.  Tomorrow I have the freedom to do whatever I choose & for that I owe all who service to protect it.  Thank you.

I’m thankful for the men and women in uniform who ditch the fear to avoid the situations and confront them.  Their bravery helps things stay as safe as they can be. Hoping they all stay safe & sane, over seas & right in my front yard.

So another day down.

Another year passes.

When I wake tomorrow one day closer to the whatever comes next for me.

….. & don’t think for an instant I won’t be making a million wishes!

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