Wishes of the Day

The wasp are dead & the lawn has been mowed.

There is so much relief in knowing these two facts tonight.

Got a some what surprise visit from my Dad this weekend.  Birthday fun time in advance.  Over the years he & mom always seem to come down to help celebrate or we would celebrate at their house.  This year is determined to be much more low key, which is fine by me.

So just Dad granting a simple yet meaningful request of mowing the out of control lawn and a few meals out where I don’t have to worry about being alone or paying the bill.

Yes this is a grown up birthday for sure.

Typically I like my birthdays in 3s.  One celebration with friends, One with family & one just by myself.  So far so good.  Sure I wish the whole family could have been around, but they were in spirit & they send GREAT cards!

Oh & did I mention this begins the official start of my personal quest for all things pumpkin? I have had my pumpkin spice latte.

Today I had something completely new to me.  PUMPKIN FRENCH TOAST!

and an annual favorite.

Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses!


Also loving the rumor that a certain local frozen yogurt place has pumpkin flavor, but honestly I was too stuffed today to attempt to research that one myself.  Thankfully tomorrow I may wake up & get another shot!

Course when Dad & I get together, we always tend to talk about wanting to take pictures.  Although the beach wasn’t looking so pretty this morning…

drizzling rain & the chilly wind are the not so fun parts of this picture

we did get to explore the local arboretum!

Plus what more can a girl wish for from a birthday than the chance to make a few more memories with the people she cares about.

Just another fun day getting to play with my toys.

So let the fun begin.  What will the next age bring?

No clue.

But I am still younger than Marylin Monroe was & I am determined to have as many more good times as I can.



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