Today it happened.

I got the postcard that seems to not exist.  Everytime you get a postcard in postcrossing, you log in and register the card so the sender knows it arrived & they are sent a post card from someone else.  Tonight I tried.

But I can’t read the ID number.  Looks like VC-675, but when I loaded that, nothing.

So I’m searching.

Sorry to Carlos in Venzuela.  I’m trying.

Even was delight to see in the Moo newsletter that they are talking about making postcards from your own photos through & how they can be used for Postcrossing!  Which is exactly what I have been doing.  Ended up cheaper than   the few outdated shots of the area I found.  Plus I get to really show my corner of life as I see it by sending MY OWN postcards.

Just another kick into a day full of mixed messages.  Work is trying lately.  Just can’t seem to plug a few holes with pieces that seem like the best fit.  Not sure sometimes if its my perfectionism or just desire to make all the ends meet.  Doesn’t feel good.  I want to make everything right for everyone but that will never happen.  Have to figure out the way to convey the messages and tact needed to deliver the news when its not what people want to hear.  Hard to tell people that although they have the skills and are wonderful, there are also about 20 other people who are in the running just as qualified and the company decided on one of them instead of them.  Just have to do what we can & hope the next position is a better fit.  That the best for all will be.

Strength to make the choices to open everyone up to where we need to be.

Trouble is today I wanted nothing more than to SCREAM.  So many voices, so many requests, so many questions and opinions…

Thankfully I got a lunch.

A peaceful hour away.

What a difference it TRULY makes.

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