Truths & a Lie

My brain is mush… so much I want to say yet can’t right now.  BUT tonight I will blog anyway.  Keeping up the habit.

Going to get a bit personal in a somewhat impersonal way.

The upcoming birthday has me thinking over my life as is & as I mentioned in the post before, the ways I would like to enhance it.

So I am going to post 33 truths about me and 1 lie.

The trick is I’m not going to tell which is the lie.  Some that know me will surely know a few of the truths are truth, but I wonder if anyone will really know….

  1. One of my favorite memories is wandering around the markets in Paris and looking back I wish I had gotten a few of those vintage postcards I debated on getting.
  2. The first dog that was a best friend was a long haired dachshund named Dagmar who was such a protectress she even sent someone to the hospital that was pretending to fight with a family member.  Always have been surrounded by strong women in my life.
  3. I’ve ridden an elephant and joined the circus for a day as a kid.  One day was quite enough for me.
  4. My favorite cake was red velvet for a long time til I got food poisoning one birthday & spent that celebration like a real queen… with the throne all day.  That food coloring loses all charm coming back up.
  5. For a few years when I was a kid I thought Vincent Price was related to me.  A grandfather or great uncle.  I was a pretty confused kid.
  6. I crashed my V8 camero into my parents garage trying not to hit a cat that had just given birth to 5 kittens & ended up shattering the only bone you have in your ear and trapping myself in between the car & door/wall.  Nothing like a hospital & body shop trip over a stray cat.
  7. Stole half an orange scented eraser when I was 5 years old after my mom refused to purchase the broken thing.  I felt so guilty I got sick.  Never stolen anything else after that.
  8. In 1991 I was disappointed that I went to the World Trade Center to get the sky scraper view of New York City.  I wanted to go to the Empire State building since it was prettier & more romantic.  I seriously hated the whole feeling of that place, especially the feeling of falling from that height looking out the observation level we were at.  Now I guess its pretty priceless.
  9. I still don’t understand the Mona Lisa.  She isn’t that beautiful & I know people have stolen her several times, but even in person at the Louvre, I’m just not impressed.
  10. My house used to be a total jungle with plants all over that I took great care of & re-potted in hand painted pots every Spring.  Today I have maybe 5 healthy plants in my entire matchbox house.
  11. I don’t mind that glitter & confetti never seems to ever really go away.  Why not let the good times be remembered & get the reminders now & then? Other crap seems to stay around forever that is less enjoyable – like dog hair, bird seed shell… nothing wrong with a bit of sparkle.
  12. At this point in my life, I have no idea where I want to end up.  All the rules and plans seem unwritten.  Some days I am completely comfortable with that.  Others I want to scream so loud the windows shatter and the police haul me off in a straight jacket.
  13. I live in blue jeans and yoga pants.  Sure I wear dress pants for work, but I still feel like a monkey.  I’m only really comfy in jeans or yoga pants.  Forget dresses.  Feels insanely vulnerable.  I should learn to love them again.  Love the look, just hate to wear them.
  14. Wonder if I ever will feel completely at ease eating out alone in public at new places.  Shopping, museums, movies, most everything I can do solo, but dinning somewhere new is a real challenge.
  15. If I could have a free pass, I would go to the movies every week & always get popcorn & a coke.  (& by free pass I mean it wouldn’t cost a thing & that all the calories & caffeine wouldn’t count or effect me)
  16. Balloons, bubbles and other mystical things that float will always fascinate me. I’m pretty sure at this stage in life, this will never change.
  17. Quilts are one of those things that as a kid I really didn’t get.  Most were in ugly colors and looked old.  Plus my grandmother would say I could only play ON the quilt and not get off of it when she would watch me.  Over the years my mother has shown me how beautiful they can be and I now love the ones she has made for me.  (Seriously… I have a Panther quilt.  What else is so personal and special.  She made it specifically for me & it was there while I recovered from surgery & needed the comfort the most.)  Top it off she has taught me to carry on the tradition even if I will never be as good as she is.
  18. Beside me I have a very scared looking pug with a budgie on his head.  Must save the dog from the parrot who wishes nothing more than to preen and snuggle with the poor dog several hundred times his size.
  19. At the moment if I could throw a dinner party & invite 5 people living or dead, it would be Marilyn Monroe, My Grams Banks, Madonna, Laurie Cabot and Victoria Woodhull.  Why not?
  20. I tried to do the Master Cleanse.  After 3 days, I caved.  My first nosh post cleanse was baked cheddar jalapeno poppers.  I don’t recommend this to be repeated.
  21. Crafts I wish I still had the time, space & budget to do right now: quilting, candle making, soap making, beaded earring, sewing tote bags and tie dying everything in sight.  (although in reality I will never again look at tie dye the same after that summer we converted my parents basement into a factory!)
  22. Walt Disney World IS TRULY one of the happiest places on earth & although I have been there more times than most people could ever hope to go, I will go back any chance I get at a moments notice without hesitation.  If ever I lose my mind completely, I may be found delusional thinking I live in the castle, the haunted mansion or even the tree house.
  23. I wish corduroy would make a come back.  Corduroy suits are needed more in this world.  What other fabric makes noise like that yet is soft?
  24. The moon represents so much to me.  Its always there.  Always looks the same no matter how old I get or where I travel.  Connects us all.  I need to see it often.
  25. One of my biggest fears is that one day, no one will really know me.  One day I will be alone completely.  No one to remember all the stories of my life.  Even now its scary to think of the stories that I heard over the years from grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family members that are lost.  As time goes by, I still learn my history & know that one day there will no longer be people to remind me.
  26. I will never own a tattoo.  The fact that I pass out 95% of the time I am approached by a needle will both keep me drug free and my skin a blank canvas.  Plus I change what I would want too often.  The things I would have gotten if I could as a teen or twenty something, is no where near what I would want now.  Thankfully I never got the trendy stuff either.
  27. If I had 3 wishes right this moment I would pretty much waste them selfishly.  First – house & yard completely cleaned & maintained (& this would be the dream house in a neighborhood where the local band isn’t trying to practice the 6 chords they know at the highest possible volume!). Second – dinner would be at a favorite spot with a guy I have been thinking a lot of lately.  Third – my mom wouldn’t be sick.  She would have all her energy back and be just as much herself as she has ever been… even the parts that I butted heads with.
  28. I love to be pampered but I do not love pedicures by professionals.  Typically I have always done my toes myself but as a kid my grams treated me to a mani/pedi day & for a couple of friends weddings we have done group mani/pedis.  I do not enjoy.  Just feels odd having a stranger working all up on my feet.
  29. Every time I have been to animal control or an animal shelter, I have left WITH an animal.  Thankfully a few times, they were fosters and I helped them find better homes.  No clue how people volunteer or work there.  Just not strong like that.
  30. I’m a tad envious of women who can where one shouldered, strappy tanks and strapless shirts and look great.  I feel like my boobs need a little something to keep them in check.  As a kid I always wanted the big boobs that were the beautiful womanly thing… now I get the challenges they pose.  BUT I do appreciate them and wouldn’t change them for the world.  What other body part can get free drinks and quicker service?
  31. I don’t think there is a piece of fruit that I don’t like.  Although unripe persimmons and tamarinds are pretty much close to being unliked.
  32. Ranch, mayonnaise, sour cream and salad creamy dressings have ZERO appeal to me.  Not sure why, but they kind of gross me out.
  33. I have never lived in a “no shoes” house and frankly think if you can’t live in your house, where can you live?
  34. The cooing of the mourning dove, sets me completely at ease.  In some of the hardest times in life, I will hear it and know I’m okay.  Thankfully I live in an area of the world where they live.

So there you go.

33 truths and the one lie.

Think you know which is which?


2 thoughts on “Truths & a Lie

  1. I’m guessing #3…having followed your thoughtful and thought-provoking blogs, this one doesn’t seem to fit! Keep on sharing yourself Ali….Your mom and dad raised an amazing young woman!

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