the moment it changed

We are the lucky ones.

Those who get the chance to see another day.

Those who are charged with the task of remembering, yet not dwelling to the extent that we lose our purpose of life in mourning what was lost.

Those who are chosen to bear the stories and create more.

I believe that all we want most is to matter in life and to be remembered after death.  Remembered for who we were at our best and loved even if no longer there.  Some of us have decades to make the memories and marks on the world, others mere hours.  No one can determine what we make of those moments other than ourselves.

One lesson I took from this day a decade ago is that nothing matters but the moment.

At times this truth leads me to enjoy the moment. Admittedly in rest rather than inspiring me to push forward and plan for the future.  I don’t save what I should.  I leave the laundry, dishes & chores for another day.  I put off things for another day in exchange for more pleasurable activities.  Live like there is no tomorrow, for one day there will not be.

As we saw that morning, everything changes in an instant.

But this morning, 10 years away from the pain, shock and disbelief at the horror unfolding, we watch as the stories are told.  The memorials are opened.  The people try to honor and remember and yet move on.

The truth we should take from today, September 11, 2011, is that life goes on.

Til its over, it keeps moving.  Find your passion and your purpose and focus on leaving the legacy.  Make the memories and share the stories.  Connect while we can, so that when we are gone – our time here mattered.

Make plans.  Move toward them.  Be positive.  Strive to overcome.  Relish the moments, but don’t give up on the future you long to create.

We have the choice to make.  Let the towers lay in rubble or build something to be proud of and honor the memories of those who are no longer here.

Reaching for the sun

Its not easy, but it just might be worth it.

What will today inspire in you?


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