half over.

I kept reminding myself this today.  The week is half over.

Intense week dealing with extra work, new employee training, down a receptionist due to her being sick, doubled work load & the feelings that come with dealing with having to break bad news to people when assignments end sooner than expected, resumes that don’t get interviews and everything else that typically happens but seems to be on overdrive this week.

But its a distraction.  Which I want right now.

Dealing with reality is just too much.  So for this blessing of distraction, as challenging as it is, I am thankful.

I actually ALMOST had plans after work with several people today.  None of which worked out.  I thought about a half dozen things I need to do, should do and planned to do.

tonight I feel half here.

Watching a movie & snuggling with the pug is about as much as I can achieve.

Hoping that a whole night of sleep can get me through and feeling whole again.


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