Warning: A Rant – She’s Just Not Into You

Sometimes I just have to vent in order not to scream at those I would prefer to smack.  Case tonight: some chicks need to wake up.  Not sure why on earth people go from dating to castrating, but some women think that is a natural progression.  Hoping that a certain someone wakes up to what she has before its too late.  Kills me to watch friends get treated like dogs when they are simply puppies longing for the toy that they can’t quite reach.  In reality.. well no I will pass on the bitch pun here.

They say girls always go for the bad boys, but at least we recognize what it is we are getting ourselves into.  You boys are just as bad.  Difference is the vile vixens come wrapped in deceiving packaging sometimes complete with bows.

Life is too short to be wasted on people who don’t appreciate you for who you are.

*** and before anyone takes this the wrong way: I barely enjoy eating leftovers.  Cleaning up some other girl’s mess is not on my agenda.  I prefer to be the choice a guy makes rather than be someone he settles for so this in NO WAY is saying I wish the guy(s) were mine.  Just wish they were treated better by those they care for so deeply.***


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