Can Yo-yo Reed May Cow?

I know Mercury was just in a retrograde phase & anything that could go wrong communication wise, does… but this is insanity.

Traded in the beloved blackberry curve when it started adding in a million Hs to every text message I sent.  Also started dialing a friend’s number if I hit any key & the space where the scrolling happened wouldn’t work!  Thankfully the number it kept dialing was a friend who has moved to New Zealand & therefore isn’t at that number anymore – Just can’t delete it… but I will.  I like pretending she is just a text away still.

Got lucky & the guy at a local cell phone store let me in even though it was after hours.  Thought I got even more lucky that they had a phone – in purple – that was free to upgrade to & was in stock, saying me from text that didn’t make any sense.


This transition is not the smoothest.  I just can’t seem to get the speaking to text thing to recognize my words.  Today, it was in spanish! No clue how I changed the languages, but for now its back to funky english that doesn’t seem to be what I am actually saying.

I really am missing those buttons.  The on screen buttons are killing me. Plus the suggested words (again, no clue why that just started up out of no where) are NOT what I am going for.

exaggeration, but I swear it felt so natural before....

A text today to a friend changed “get” to “getti”  TWICE! & “on” to “ongina”…. why is ONGINA even a suggestion for a TWO letter word?

This whole situation is making me feel very slow & making me sound very illiterate.

Also missing the handy camera & knowing how to send the pictures.

BUT like every change in life, we grow.  We learn or we stay unaware.

My texting addiction has me in withdrawls, but maybe I needed it.  Still just feels like yet another way I’m struggling to catch up.

Giving it a few more days to try to grasp the methods and learn the pseudo “keys” that are on the slick screen.  Going to feel good once I get the hang of it.  Just hoping I don’t send anymore text that will have me ending up as a post on Damn You Auto Correct!

Refusing to admit defeat.  I will slay this monster & come out triumphant.


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