Squires in Waiting

I adore dreams.

At times they are just so much more vivid and beautiful than reality.  The problems in life get worked out.  The people we wish we were, we are.  They chaos and insanity just works.  Course there are also those times where the scare me silly & cause me to never want to sleep again, but this isn’t a post on those dreams.  This is for the blissful ones where I live without abandonment and everything falls in to place.  The place were I soar above all that can not be controlled in the waking hours.

Last night part of Blogdom crept in.

Someone I now am honored to consider a friend came into my life through her blog.  She issued a challenge to break out of a rut she was in & go for a dream…. publicly!  Something I truly still admire.  No one gets anywhere by standing still & when you have the guts to make the claim to the world on what brass ring you are aiming for, you pretty much rock in my eyes!  Doesn’t matter where you land, you will end up where you should be  – but you went for it.

Course I want to watch as everyone (including myself) sets goals & triumphantly dashes across the finish line, but sometimes its the journey not the destination that is the real pay off.

The challenge: 52 dates in one year for a local single professional lady.

I followed along – Twitter & the Blog  – certainly relating as I also tried to locate my own squires to fall for.  Then I was lucky enough to meet her & learned even offline she is one amazing lady that any guy would be lucky to share an evening with (not THAT kind of evening, we are talking dinner, date & discussion here). Felt great knowing I wasn’t alone in my quest and frustrations in trying to meet the right guy in this town.

I rooted for her & looked forward to each squire post.  Even ended up arranging one squire for her to meet, although neither of us realized his true nature til later & thankfully we can laugh about it all.

Looked forward to her knighting one squire as keeper of the lady’s heart.

Hoping inside that I too would find my knight.

Life had other plans for us both.

She hasn’t had a chance to go on an average of a date a week.


Last night in my DREAM….

I found the solution.  For whatever reason I felt a need to make this all turn out well & help complete her challenge.  So in my dream, she made it on all 52 of those dates!

Basically we bended the rules.  We played catch up.

The solution was double dates.  I went on a couple with her & this gave her the chance to meet two guys in the time of one.  Sure it wasn’t traditional, but its all about getting the chance to meet the guys not having exclusive relationships with each and every one!  A couple of other single friends also jumped in & helps out going on double dates.

As the deadline approached, we all decided it was crunch time.  Come hell or high water, we were going to meet this goal!  So PARTY time!  Or our own little form of speed dating.  So the number she needed to reach 52 was figured out & that is exactly how many guys that were invited & showed to the party.  They all knew the deal & it was fun.   She spent at least 10 minutes getting to know each one (I blame my best friend for all those episodes of the Bachelor for this reference).  At the end of the night we all celebrated the achievement.

Random?  You betcha!  But fun.

So maybe I should think up another challenge for myself.  Something to aim for.  Not sure the dating thing.  Too much emotion in my life at the moment to add pressure there, but some goal of my own.

Or at least refocus on a few I already have.  Time to re-read the life list & hopefully work on adding a few more photos to the Great Scavenger Hunt!


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