Somethings in life are just not meant to be understood I believe, just endured.  You get through them or you give up.  Choice is yours.  Today was again one of those days.  Better days ahead, just have to get there.  Massive projects at work have us all on edge trying to keep up with the pace.  Several points in time I just thought of getting up & admitting defeat and walking away.  Thankfully I’m not alone and together we will get to where the pace is easier & the weight will be better distributed.  Hopefully stronger in the end.

Instead of staying late into the evening, I took time for myself. 

Once a month a group I belong to meet & this time missing was not an option for me.  I wanted to go & I did.

Did I feel guilty leaving work behind? absolutely.  Will I regret it tomorrow when its time to stress over trying to get to where I need to be? Probably, but I might have done that no matter how much I achieved tonight. 

Point is sometimes all the juggling, just boils down to feeling like struggling.

Which is not a good way to live life. 

So my plan is to embrace the chances I have to recharge & return to me.

…plus now I have a fun trip to look forward to & a chance to do something on my life list with a group I trust.  Can’t wait to share more details at a later date!

Now time to catch a dream or two….

loving this print! (Find it on Etsy by clicking the picture)


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