after the storm

Believe it or not, I slept a lot this weekend.  In a hurricane, I slept.  Without pills or anything, just exhaustion.

Previous hurricanes had me worried sick.  For whatever reason this one just left me feeling calm.  Waiting. I read, I meditated & learned that sudoku puzzles are harder than the ones on my iPod!  Just enjoyed burning candles and waiting.  Listening to the storm and being.  Wasn’t the best experience, but we got lucky.  Hardest part was the power being out pretty much all weekend.

Never been so grateful for my candle chandelier in the bathroom.  Put it up for whimsy & just because I liked it, but I have to say it really came in handy!

Still now that  life is returning to normal, I just feel in a funk.  Work is insanely busy, but the increased work load also means high speed decisions and no being able to focus as much as I would like on the details & getting it right.

Date yesterday with a new potential then saw Shadow today at work.  Reminders of how alone I feel sometimes.  I long for those REAL connections that come with time and trust.  Someone to worry how I am during the storm.  Still we have to clear out the stuff that has gone bad to make room for the new.

Much like all the gunk that once was delicious in my fridge.  After a couple of days without power, it when from nutritious to lethal.  So toss it out.  Not sure when I will get to the store to replace a few things.  But I guess sooner or later, I will restock and things will feel normal again.

Try to be inspired by nature.  What we see as destruction, may just be making way for things to come.

Besides.. ever thought of what would happen if trees never fell over?

Just have to keep going, keep breathing & try to catch a few moments worth remembering along the way.


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