Thanks for it ALL

So basically we all need to get together & give Momma Nature some love.  Clearly we have done something wrong.  At least in the Wilmington, NC region.

After the recent water spouts & tornadoes, today we get all shook up.  Aftershocks from the earthquake in Virginia.

With a hurricane gaining strength and heading our way!

Always a wild ride it seems.

The approaching storm brings back so many memories of preparations for storms in years gone by.  Sometimes the storm would fizzle out or take another route, but then there are those times were we get the impact.

I’ve been lucky most of the time.  Done my time in powerless hot houses eating junk food that didn’t need refrigeration and drinking beer with the neighborhood.  I’ve evacuated several hours away only to get caught in a tornado and freak out to the point I passed out.  I’ve bunkered down alone to ride out the storm with a good book and praying that nothing would give me any reason to grab the futon mattress and hide with the dog in the tub underneath it.  My old car flooded EVERY time a tropical storm or hurricane hit.  Which is a bonus this year not to have to worry about.  Shingles leave the roof, tree branches are lost but if we are lucky we are spared with only the loss of plans for a couple of days.

With the approaching storm, I have the urge to get out and take lots of pictures of the city, the beach, the river, all the sites around me, knowing that in a few days it all may change.  I know the responsible Virgo in me would like to make the list and check all the items off for a well stocked emergency kit.  Make plans just in case and track the progress religiously.  Sadly that is not an option with work keeping me hopping with the potential for hugely increased assignments IF the storm head our way.  Also I know obsessing on the storm has never been a good thing.  Just a lot of worry.

The biggest thing about all the strange weather events that makes sense to me is, in the end there really isn’t a thing you can do.   If a tornado hits, you can duck & cover all you want but if the ball lands in your number on that roulette wheel, that is all she wrote.  Same with the hurricanes and the earthquakes, what will be will be.  You can struggle and make sensible choices, but its still a lot of luck that gets you out through the other side.

Only thing to do is be at peace with all that you are and that is in your life.

Easier said than done.  Still I try.

Read a saying today that struck a cord with me.

What if you woke up tomorrow and ONLY had those things that you were grateful for today?

All day, I kept thinking of things I would miss if they weren’t there.  Small stuff like staples in my stapler and the sound of the phone ringing.  A text from a loved one checking to see if I was ok or felt the shaking.  The feel of slightly damp freshly clean hair on my head.  The comforting feeling of knowing the casserole in the oven will feed me a couple of days cheaply.  I have fresh water to drink. Toilet paper!  The important things like the wiggle of Baxter’s tail when he realizes I’m home again.  The sound of my Mom’s voice or the pictures on my wall of relatives that shaped my life during the short time we shared walking this earth together.  The glimmer of hope for a beautiful tomorrow and all the rainbows that come only after the storms.  The luxury of having what I have in the here and now.

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