Choose to Soar

tonight is one of those nights where I wish I had a bed outside somewhere to get away to

but I don’t.

LONG Monday today.  The approaching storm has doubled the work load for us at the office with the potential for a few contracts IF the storm hits.  Which means lots of prep work that we may never need to complete if we are lucky.  Placed our receptionist on another assignment that is more her knack.  Will be training the new one this week.  All while the other recruiter is enjoying a much deserved week of vacation.  First all I could think is “Why this week? Why me?”  But then again… Why not? I can handle this.  Its not my first week on the job.  Bonus is the owner is stepping in to help.  Instead of choosing to see this as an opportunity to fail, I have to believe this is my chance to shine, to others but more importantly to myself.

I am determined to soar.

Even with the additional work load that wasn’t planned for.  I live in the Cape Fear.  The chances of a Hurricane coming my way are just one of those prices we pay to live here.  Shapes this area in so many ways & although extremely scary, they strengthen us.

So prepare and then ride the storm out.

In time its all a memory.  Just like the stress of this week.  I will get through it to the other side.  Sure it might not be ideal, but just have to do what I can and clean up the aftermath.

Remember just how powerful nature can be.  In the end, its the only thing that survives.



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