There are several things I look forward to this time of year.  Panthers begin playing.  The blissful smells of pumpkin pie all around.  Still working on that countdown til the Pumpkin Spice Latte is available again (thinking 12 days away now…) but thankfully I have a reason to watch sports again! PANTHERS GAME DAY!


So in an effort to try new things… I ALMOST decided to get out of the house to watch the game tonight.

Starts at 8 pm which didn’t leave time for me to drive to Charlotte after work to watch.  For whatever reason, the city I live in seems more interested in college sports and disc golf than NFL sports!  Forget getting Panthers gifts at the holidays in this town.  I’ve tried.  Easy to get local college gear, but its very limited in actual pro sports!

Most times I don’t even try to catch the games in public.

I grew tired of watching the Panthers play with others when it seemed everyone wanted to chat instead of actually WATCHING the game… no I do not want to listen to the latest CD you down loaded or discuss what to eat next time I go to whatever place.  Save that shit for half time or the commercials.  Jerseys on the field in black, white or blue, means quiet & focus.  Its just 4 quarters,  you can hold it in til later unless its FIRE or THERE IS A MAN WITH A GUN, or  POISONOUS SNAKE under the couch! (note the POISONOUS part.. don’t bother me with a small black snake).

So I made it a point to be home on my bed/couch to watch.  The birds get covered if they are too loud, but they tend to just get excited with the whistles and me yelling occasionally.  At times I will watch at my parents place.. bigger TV & more of a Panther’s town … CHARLOTTE!

Wish I had the time, money & chance to got to every game live… or even every home game, but its not in the cards at this time in my life.

So forget the group game time.  Thinking this year its back to solo sidelines for me.  To the Black & Blue, I gotta stay true.

as I shake my head, embarrassed by my city & that it doesn’t support the local team.  Its Carolina.  Even if we are on the edge about to fall in the water, doesn’t mean we aren’t still in the state!


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