Wild whirled

Wednesday ended up a women’s wine & whine fest.  Went to help a friend move & ended up just all of us drinking wine & venting about how insane some people can be.  Thankfully her new roommate seems a bit more stable than the previous one and promises never to leave the toilet seat up!

I needed the night of girl time and even the late dinner at Gringo Wednesday of some delish mexican food.  Time out of my work mind, which has been in over drive lately.  Deadlines, double checks & a bit short staffed.  Plus it seems I’ve had some extra special situations to deal with recently.  Some pull heartstrings others just leave you wanting to pull out your hair or pull a trigger at someone else.

So why not toss in some insane weather?

Water spouts, tornadoes, down pours and of course the flooding all over town that comes from living below sea level in a city where the drains get clogged up with pine needles, beer cans and who knows what other filth.

We kept up with the storm & course of the funnel clouds especially close since a co-worker’s family is all visiting her & they got a beach house in the area hit.  Struggled with the urge to just leap from my chair, grab my camera and go try to get some pictures myself with each of the eye witness photos posted.  I didn’t seem to care that it was potentially dangerous.  I want that shot.  Whatever happens will happen.  Nothing really you can do if you get caught in a tornado.  Its like life’s game of roulette.  Your number gets called, that’s it.  All the duck & cover in the world isn’t going to save your ass from Momma Nature’s wrath.  At this point in life, I wouldn’t care.  Just would love to get that shot.

I swear I feel the weather so much in my hand now.  Arthritic bones are said to tell the changes in barometric pressure, but who knew my hand after all the reconstructive stuff would also tell it.  Its sore and achy.  Not the best feeling ever.  I’m open to any suggestions on how to not feel it or alleviate the pain but I’m clueless.

Long day turned into snuggle time with Baxter and a dinner that all nutritionist would be proud of.

yes.  rainbow sherbet.  a bowl.  for dinner.  with a side of a dry eggo waffle toasted in the oven.  (only parially shared with Baxter & Groucho)  I came this close to just skipping dinner completely.  One of those nights where if I were with someone else it would be a blessing not to have to decide what is for dinner.  Being solo the burden stayed on my shoulders to decide.  After today, no desire what so ever to make any decisions, even on what to eat.  But getting some ice for a glass of water made me think what the hell.  Its there, I’m here… why not?

Never know when those storms will show up and you get to make the choice… duck and cover in fear or just laugh and enjoy the wonder of it all knowing you are experiencing it all as it comes.

I’m trying to let go.  Just ride the storm.

Who knows maybe I will land somewhere to find a pair of cute new ruby slippers.

Til then I will just enjoy my own sparkles.

4 thoughts on “Wild whirled

  1. Ali~ You’re just beginning to sense that the years are flying by when your bones tell you the barometer is dropping! Have you ever tried acupuncture for relief? It did amazing things for me several years ago when I couldn’t sleep because of the intense discomfort in my hips….weekly sessions for about 2 months and it hasn’t come back. Hope you feel better soon…and stay away from those water spouts (spoken like the mom that I am!)

  2. So far the aches are just limited to the area on my hand that had to have the surgeries. I can’t imagine hips! Glad you are doing better. Acupuncture sounds painful, but at some point I’m sure its less pain than the one being treated. 🙂

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