So much to blog out right now.

I’m actually a bit overwhelmed.  Work is intense, but what do I expect.  Full moon, mercury still in retrograde, meteor showers, school starting back up, tourist starting to stay home, weather is almost starting to cool back down,  change in season and everyone is stressed.

Jam packed weekend of emotions.  Spent time with the family.  My cousin brought his girlfriend up from South Florida.  His parents (my aunt & uncle) came over to visit – first time seeing him since a bit of a health scare.

Funny enough I didn’t take any pictures of our time together.  Which tells me I really was living in the moment.  That and I knew my mom would kick my butt for taking any of her.

Also first time seeing my mom in a while.  Noticed that her hair had both grown in a LOT and that the only a few hairs remained that weren’t kicked off her head by the chemo.  She of course in true style busted out some random blonde wig from the 70s that found its way into the “costumes/dress up” stuff of my childhood.  Not sure which was more wild to see, my mom in a bad wig or my mom as a blonde!  She got a double whammy of the eastern cherokee genes.  (Her mom being half, her father a quarter)… which means she got incredible skin & very dark brown hair.  Confused me when I was young.  Thought I had to have been adopted.  Her hair & nails have always grown quickly & it was great to see her hair coming back in.  I know its a comfort to her.

Toured my sister & brother in laws house… er consrtuction site.  The renovations have begun.  A few walls down and the place looks odd completely bare.  I have never seen it that way.  It had been my grandparents place but although I remember them building it, I never remember it being so empty.

Changes in life all around it seems.

But mixed in with the chaos there is the bliss.

As life tends to be.

Got to see the Panthers WIN the first preseason game and frankly this team is looking great in my eyes.  I know I am biased, but I am proud to wear the jersey, fly the flag & see them every chance I get.

Feels GREAT to see the spark & watch the win.

This season is looking like its going to be a lot of changing.

Hoping for the best, but knowing that sometimes you have to let go of the past in order to embrace your future.  The pleasures all have a price to pay.  We can’t stay where we are, but hopefully we will have made a few memories that can keep us company along our way.





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