full on freak show

I’m hiding away for the rest of the day.


well.. lets start the day.  Pretty normal, but I decided to make a pit stop on the way to work for some tea & a biscuit.  Blurry eyed wait for the coffee to kick in I see something move on the menu wall.

Yup the frog was INSIDE the menu board!  Just moving about the pictures of the food checking them out and seeing how it felt to chill on them!


Cut to work.. just an hour in & we have our first of what proved to be many WTF moments.  A Twenty Something guy in jeans & a sloppy shirt came in asking for “One of those job thingees”….clearly he isn’t familiar with work.  Passed on the computer registration and then proceeded to MISSPELL the name of a VERY popular national fast food chain & the ONLY place he had worked previously.  Really? Oh we have our work cut out on this one.

Next up the winner of the day.  The cracked out person with no regard for social skills or keeping your troubles personal.  After about 45 minutes of polite process from a co-worker the person left with some cash.  Which makes me pretty sure we will see that one again.  Probably with the same glazed, tell tell look in her eyes & demeanor that screams junkie.  It was a wild ride.  I was about one step away from trying out the panic button & meeting the local PD.

Full moon has brought out the Friday freakishness to the full extent.

But home now after an intense ride home in severe weather.  LOADS of rain coming down sideways.  Flooded roads, changing routes & a stopped mini-van clogging up traffic made it feel great to get home & enjoy the rain on my skin.  Soaked already why no enjoy it?  At one point on the trek home, Ice Ice Baby came on the radio & my first thought was “no way am I going to die & have them find my body listening to 90s music!”.  It was one of THOSE road trips home.

Then lets get into some insanity via auto-correct!  Played a few moves on my words with friends games only to learn that the word “jew” is not acceptable!

Oops.  Still searching for acceptance in this world it seems.  Just amazes me what words are ok & which are not to this words with friends rule maker.  Ki is a word but jew isn’t.  Whatever.

To make matters even stranger when I sent the message with a statement about the word natzi not approving, auto-correct tried to change “natzi” to “matzo”!  I had to laugh out loud… & crave some warm soup.

I’m almost afraid of what may happen next.

So comfy lounge clothes – check

Snuggly pug – check

Beer in hand – on it

Pizza in the oven baking – you know it

Now to find a movie to curl up & watch tonight while I do some laundry.

Heading to Charlotte tomorrow.  Start of the PANTHERS preseason & getting to catch up with the family – including a cousin who is heading up from south Florida!

forgive him. he is a bengals fan. wrong cat.

One thought on “full on freak show

  1. For clarity… the crazy person got cash for “gas” from a co-worker after begging for a while. No one at work gets paid cash or do we even have cash other than personal money. The co-worker got suckered by the sad stories… yes multiple. I’m burned I guess from being begged to death in this town by people who reek of booze or clearly have some habits that are less than legal.

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