Where ever, where ever, where ever you go

Is it really almost the weekend again? Where did my week go?

Doesn’t matter, I imagine there may just be another one coming towards me just on the other side of the next few days.

But today was super speed.  Thankful to have placed a few more people in jobs and that I loved the rush of being able to find great people with the skills, experience & desire to do the particular work.  Feels good to get the puzzle pieces in place.  Still certainly not easy, but it works.

Celebrated with taking some time tonight to just let go.

Yes that is the MOON!  Needed to unwind and hear the surf tonight.

Thought about going in search of a great photo, but by the time I could it was getting a tad to dark to get a good shot.  Plus I just wanted to enjoy the moment.

No rush.  No need to talk.  No need to move.  Just stillness watching life.

Now back home, its easy to let all the “shoulds” creepy back in, but I’m resisting.

Instead I’m dreaming.

Wishing away the evening with a pug snuggled by my side & a parrot flying from one room to the next while another chats away about who knows what.

Earlier I saw a room and loved it.  Then looked closer & thought, none of the pieces really were that great but the lights made it all fabulous.

So maybe it just takes one small thing to make it all wonderful.  Takes finding the beauty to light up the area and make it great.

Then again… those lights remind me of something I adore.

I always have had a thing for bubbles!


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