Wednesdays are for wishing.  …& watering plants.  I remind my green thumb challenged friends that its Water Wednesday – water those indoor plants to keep them alive.

But other than that… I could do without today completely.  Rough day.  Even discovered an old email I thought I sent pouring out a few feelings to someone & one I wondered why I got no response at all on.  Seems when I hit reply, I sent it to myself instead of the person.  Whatever.  Guess that was never meant to be.

I could pass out right now & be done with the day, but first a few wishes.

I wish…..

– I could pay off all the bills and be done with everything forever.  Sick of dealing with the surprises and past crap.

– Baxter could join me at work every day again.  I miss being able to pet his cute head when I get stressed.  Squishing the stress ball just isn’t the same as having him look up & nuzzle up against me.

– I had updated my bedroom.  Especially since a local place has a GREAT frame that I love.  Why didn’t I think grey?

Queen sized & available at Mango in Leland

– someone else would clean the bird cages for once. ‘Nuff said.

– there was some delish blacken grouper waiting on a table for me somewhere.  Lately I am in love with grouper.

– I could support some local restaurants and stores more than I can right now.  Sick that Chris’ Cosmic Kitchen is closing at the end of the month.  That place is just special to me.  It was one of the first places and still is one of the only places I felt comfortable going to sit down and eat solo at.  Always friendly and always delicious.  I admire their decision to do what is best for them but I know this town will never be the same.

– tomorrow I will wake up and not still wish I could stay in bed all day

– the laundry will fold itself (I can wish it, doesn’t mean it will happen!)

– these darned bangs will grow out.  I’m over this hair cut & learned soon we will be taking pictures for the work website…not thrilled but glad they want to include me.  I do work in a great place & am very happy to be a part of this team.  Even if I do get frustrated at times with the actual doing of the job.  Feels good to get people working that want to work & feels GREAT to get the best people we can for the companies.  Just wish I could help a few get serious about their job hunt & teach resume writing skills.  I did give someone a tip today after they included NO CONTACT information (including their name) on their resume.  Had they not have sent it via email, I really wouldn’t have been able to reach them.  Also glad I am lucky enough to know how to put together a decent resume.  Its truly a gift it seems.  Share the love if you have it.  People need it.

– for all this or something better


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