We’re all savages

Doing the same shit gets you the same shit…

I’m no where near the same shit as the rest.

SO. Change. NOW.

I give up.

For a little while at least.

Deleting the dating site accounts.  Unbookmarking the house hunting sites & deleting the monthly budget.

I release the stress of trying to figure it all out.

Other people wing it & frankly I can let go of the intensity of trying to do it all right, right now.

Shit, I may just give up paying the bills.  Credit cards anyway… & insurance.  Still pay the car & cable…the real things that add value in my life. Ok maybe not but still I’m sick of trying to deal with the rules when it seems so many don’t play by them.  Including the government.

Something has got to give.

So forget trying to find bliss.

Time to retreat & just focus on the now with who is in my life now.. me & the pug…& the parrot crew.

So time to sleep, but first a bit of inspiration from the divine one herself…

heck she died at 36. Living by her time line, its all almost over anyway.  Why not enjoy the days as they are? a couple more years anyway.

Forget the stress.  Its already forgotten you.


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