migrations and expectations

Where is my reset button?

how much would I give to escape there now & then

Maybe it was the 6 figure wedding I was lucky enough to work at this weekend

Maybe it was getting to spend a little time with my sister and her friends who are at times more like sisters to her than I am, missing the connections with friends that have moved on or changed completely.

Maybe it was listening to her talk about her home renovations and the way they are living with my parents in the mean time.

Maybe it was the combination of a lot of things.

But the truth is there is so much I want more in life.  I want the romance, the decadence, the stuff!  I wish my friends were closer.  Wish we were closer.  I love the new friends I have made along the way & hope that one day the close heart to hearts come, but nothing replaces those relationships built as we grow.  I’m ready for the real life to start.  Tired of wanting more.  Of going to peoples places or beach houses thinking – I want to live life like this.

Course we can want & strive & work towards & attract & everything else we are supposed to do…. but When do we get real?  When do we learn to accept what is instead of what may be?

course when you do, what do you do then? Just wait til next time? Hope one day to wake up & forget the dreams.

Ignorance may indeed be bliss.

Parrot Adjusting Nest

Is the bird happy with the nest? No matter where it is & who it shares the nest with or does it hope for more?

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