Squealing Tires

Feels like so much is going high speed & yet standing still.  Guess that’s how life goes but I am ready to shoot forward…. just not into a wall.

Work – stress, but optimistic – the whole situation in Washington right now does not help people feel confident bring on new staff, temporary or long term.

Health –  I’m exhausted.

Money – still trying to find the balance of making the checks work with my life as is, life as I want it & the desire to live it up.  I miss going out to get new clothes whenever I want.  I’m doing good with the restraint but I miss just going out.  Doesn’t help that local favorites are closing up.  Proves how much supporting what you love really means.

Love – well… its best summed up by a quote I saw this morning on facebook “Love is giving someone the power to break your heart… but trusting them that they won’t.” combined with my morning interaction with Bijou this morning.  Pulled the cover off the cage & said “I love you” to which he looked at me cocked his head & replied “fuck you” turned & hopped to the other side of the cage. Well fine then. It was then that Groucho greeted me with his usual “Hi Grouch”.  Thankfully I know he doesn’t mean anything by his statement & he followed it with a kissing sound.  The pug of course wants nothing more than to come back to bed & snuggle nestled as close as possible.  The other 2 parrots just ignore me for the most part this morning.  Such is my life.

So cute... but dropping f-bombs like feathers

Home – well a lot of looking, a lot of loathing and a LOT of wondering when & how its all going to change.

Til then just have to keep doing what I can.  Accepting what I can’t. Take a few deep breaths and never, ever stop dreaming.

even if at times its just dreaming of getting away from it all


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