Shark Week 2011

yes, its that time again! Discovery Channel’s annual reminder of why the ocean may seem all beautiful & comforting, but still isn’t our natural home. Sharks. At their best? or worst.

I remember being about waist deep as a kid & having the world’s largest shark swim up really close. Hindsight tells me it really wasn’t as close as I remember & that the nurse shark meant me no harm. But as a kid, seeing & hearing about Jaws… this was too much for me!

Always have been lucky enough to have more knowledge than I can consume seemingly at my finger tips. Growing up we had TONS of books & would be taken to the library regularly to explore more on any topic we had in mind. Regular trips to museums, events, whatever we could think also helped us dive deep into any subject of interest. Time after time, I was fascinated by sharks. Probably since I don’t think I have ever in my life had a year without walking on the beach. Just part of my world.  Even now I enjoy marveling at the beast at the local aquariums.

So many things to be amazed with!  But swim with & feed?

NO THANK YOU!  I value life & limb waaay too much for that risk.

But thanks to Discovery Channel I now know that if I do, I won’t wear yellow, do seal impressions, or make them angry.  huh? The first one I know I can do but the rest… no clue.  the biggest tip, stay calm, would be completely tossed out of the water.. which is why I will stay – out of the water.

Still I’m perfectly comfy sitting here snuggling with a dog that can’t swim watching this adventure from the safety of cable.

Although all this thinking of sharks does make me want to visit the local ones at the aquarium.  Another day it seems.


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