Leggo my …. whatever

Life is just weird.

Last night in the middle of the night I craved celery… no I haven’t a clue why & there of course was none in the house so on with the night.  This morning woke up craving an eggo waffle.  Again no where to be found.  Why?

for once I don’t even have to worry about anyone stealing them.

To things I haven’t had in the house in years probably & now I want them?

Well groceries in the house are really low so I guess I now have a list running:

  • dog food
  • coffee creamer
  • toilet paper
  • celery
  • eggo waffles

Seriously?  I was more responsible in life when I was in college.

well… maybe not.  But I did cook more.  I made the kitchen work.  Now it just seems like more work getting it together to fix something than its worth.  Plus then I have to eat the same thing for days.

But should I try to revert back to a few habits I’ve lost along the way? yup.

Like actually cooking and putting together grocery list that will enable me to fix actual meals instead of just heating up perogies or nuking some easy mac when I’m not grabbing something on the way home.  Although those Zaxby’s zalads have been hitting the spot lately. (yes I know fried chicken on a salad does NOT a healthy meal make)

Maybe its just time to find a few new recipes to try.  Why the heck not?

….oh & I think I trashed the toaster when it died a year ago or so…. so maybe there is room on that list!

Besides… new moon means changes right?  I need a focus.  Maybe its time to shake things up again.


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