flowers of tomorrow without seeds today?

The best laid plans…. seem to never quite work out it seems lately in my world.

Like this week.  I had plans every night this week, even planned on getting out of town to visit my sister to celebrate her birthday…. BUT…. (always a few buts) I ended up working late, not feeling great & this weekend I will be chilling at home again.

I could have pushed things, but then work would be even more chaotic, I would feel guilty and if I hadn’t taken time to sleep a bit & feel better I probably would be sick now.  Sometimes you just need some self TLC.

Still would be nice to have done what I planned.

Earlier this week in a blog I stated I set small goals – pack a lunch, go on a date this week & pick at least 3 places to check out & be grateful

So far the grateful part has happened~  ha ha… oops.

well.. I am not a morning person.  I think I looked at the bread one morning & thought about making a PB&J sammie to take but coffee won out. (& yes I still am loving the Keurig so it was actually less effort than the sandwich!)

Date? not so much.  Went to a networking event.  No that doesn’t count.  Checked out a hot guy who was single & new to town…. oh wait he was applying for a job at work.  Nope not happening.  I love my job too much to ever jeopardize it.  Never been the date a co-worker type.  Too messy if it doesn’t work out & since I tend to drift to management positions, its never appropriate anyway.  That’s out.  Online? several messages.  Got two guys who asked me for a drink, but just wasn’t feeling it.  Part of me says just go.  Meet someone new you never know.  Another side says save the cash.  Who knows.  Week isn’t over.

tonight I am definitely sticking with wine

Checking out 3 places… MUST do this within the next couple of days.  I have a few more places on the radar.  No reason why I can’t go check out the layout of the land & neighborhood.  This WILL be a done by the end of the week.  Especially since I’m not going out of town any more!

“Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans”

 John Lennon

Guess it all just means I got a life.



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