Palm of your hand

Would you change the future if you knew it?

Do you dare see what may be and still try to get what you want knowing the decision is beyond your choice?  Seeing things in another can be brutal when you choose to ignore & pretend its all just potentials.

I will learn to trust instincts.

I will learn to be extremely cautious about what I wish for.

and I will remember that sometimes the choices are not mind to make.  No matter how hard you wish they were.  Train wrecks happen.  Sometimes there is nothing you can do to stop the train.  Guts say just say good bye and learn not to care before they get their boarding pass in hand.  Rebellious heart says defy the odds and fate.  Make my will be.

Hindsight yells at me and says you are not ready for these challenges, stop doing this.

But sometimes the fact that you keep coming in 2nd just means it wasn’t your race to run in the 1st place.




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