The Panty Lesson

Sometimes a girl needs therapy…

at times in our lives that can mean retail therapy.

Where else are you totally in control.  You get to express yourself, you are waited on & you can create what you want to be.

Early on I learned this thrill in a family of shoppers.  Dare I say it was even easier for some to gift their love at times.  Toys instead of time together.  Sorry via shopping spree.  Even times where purchases have been made in spite.  One thing is for sure there are many fond memories of shopping together.  Every family get together tended to include a trip to the mall.  These treks were planned on and events.

When body issues started I learned a valuable lesson from my Grandma.

No matter how bad you are feeling & how much it seem like nothing seems to fit like you wish it did or that nothing seems to be your style, satisfaction can be found in the lingerie department.

You will ALWAYS find something there that fits.  That & socks… but socks are just less fun.  So no matter what you can feel comfortable in panties.  They always fit!  Pajamas are also in this department & can be incredibly comforting at times when you most need it.

No clue what was really going on in that picture, but I like to imagine the caption being “As long as you have those, you can do anything you want!”

Sure a lot of us in the family are a busty bunch, but clearly I was not that endowed at that young of an age.  Some one put me up to that!  But as usual grams found the humor & laughed.  She taught us to laugh at what we can & keep moving.

So I do.

I put on my big girl panties & deal with it.  Cliche as it is.

Also sometimes life calls for new undies.  Toss the old & bring in the new… usher in the changes.

Amazing how much the style of underwear you wear can change your attitude!  Funniest thing is that while I’m typing the above, Drag U also talked about panties & the way different styles can make you feel differently!  So TRUE!

Also today at lunch I was SHOCKED listening to the radio where someone walked in on a long term boyfriend SMELLING HER UNDERWEAR!  Evidently every guy at some point as done that…. I doubt it.  But who knows.  I never claimed to understand guys completely.  Still seems bizarre!  Never catch girls doing that!  Maybe stealing a clean pair of boxers to sleep in.. but smelling?  Pass!

Guess today is just my own special panty day!

I should treat myself to a new pair or two…

Just have to decide which style I am feeling for the future!

2 thoughts on “The Panty Lesson

  1. Good idea. And while you’re adding some new ones how about wearing the older ones for a couple of days each and selling them to me, please. I pay $45 a pair and will send you on-line gift certificates for the e-retailer of your choice to the email address of your choice so you may remain anonymous. I look forward to your reply.

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