sleep? on a weekend? nah

I have no desire what so ever to sleep tonight.  Full moon? maybe.  Insomnia in full effect? yep.  Trying not to get into a Ambien a night habit & seems silly to take them when I don’t HAVE to work the next day.

Still this city can be pretty boring for a single gal not interested in partying down.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the night life… just not feeling like drinking tonight or being around a bar scene.

Feel like dreaming.  Only I guess without the sleep part?

Shopping would be great…. well window shopping.  Other than groceries I don’t need to spend any extra cash.  So grocery shopping it was tonight.  That & a bit of wishful thinking at the book store.  Could have done some damage there but I just looked tonight.

Thought about going to see a movie, but a certain wizard has the place packed.  Pass. For the moment at least.

Checked out one of the most beautiful moon rises from several places at various stages.  Cursed myself for not bringing out my camera & tripod.  There are just some scenes that are perfection on the moment.  No photo could catch that stunning sight.  Certainly not the one on the good ole blackberry!

Dreamed a bit about new places to live.  Considering a few new areas.  May take a ride out to see the places tomorrow depending how the day goes.

One thing I never had to think about was what to eat.

I’ve been nibbling all night on the best stuff!

mmm. tuna tar tar over seaweed salad in a cucumber cup

Leftovers from the event that I was lucky enough to get to help serve at.


Sure the food was, but also I worked for free tonight

This is gift number 2 in this round of my 29 Gifts challenge.  A while back I was contacted to see if I was available for the event & since it was for Hospice we had the option of donating our time or a portion of it if we chose to.  Seemed a no brainer to me.  While the money would be great, what better people to support than an organization that I know we will be working with at some point in the future who are doing such great things?

I honestly have no idea how on earth these people do what they do but they do it everyday.  There was a book celebrating the 30 years of caring for people at the end of their lives locally.  As much as I wanted to read the stories and see the people, I had to keep strong and share the smile tonight.

Didn’t hurt that the place is one of the most beautiful hidden gems of this town.  The gardens are STUNNING.  So serene.  Seems like so many places to just enjoy a moment in nature.  Even with several people there, there are plenty of places to feel like you are the only one there.  Plus its my favorite walking labyrinth.  Always see something new or feel some inspiration there.


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