Sword Of Damocles & 29 Gifts again

Saturday…. I needed a saturday so badly this week.  One with no real agenda this morning.  No driving out of town or rushing off to do whatever.  Just some me time.

Ok I’m on call for work so can’t exactly be too tied up this morning but so far so good.  Just one wrong number and everyone showing up where they should when they should. 🙂  Life is good when things work out.

Might have woke up at 6 am anyway, but I can take waking up scratching mosquito bites on my feet that remind me of a great night over a crisis call anytime!  Besides I got to sleep another 4 hours afterwards.

That full moon lit mosquito invasion night actually got me thinking (…I know I do that often…)  but thinking of history & the goals we set in our lives.  I love a good philosophical discussion over a couple bottle of wine. Incredible how we sometimes find more about who we are in a discussion with a friend than we can find in hours of looking into a mirror.

At times I think a mind is a billion times sexier than the best of bodies.  Doesn’t hurt when it comes in the same package, but that’s a side thought.

Looking back at my love life history, it does show a pattern.  I date guys I am attracted to.  Some work out for a while but nothing serious.  No real zing.  The ones that were the “great” relationships with meaning – no matter the ending – have something in common.  The mental ability to challenge.

Dorm room duo

The first we grew a lot in college together and fought the world side by side learning how to get by.  Only when we started in different directions that the issues became insurmountable.  Still wish him nothing but the best & although we are two entirely different people now, I am grateful for the shared experience and all that I learned.

Opposites Attract then Repel

The second biggie also challenged my thoughts.  Looking back I wonder how we ever even opened up enough to be a couple.  We were in so many ways polar opposites living parallel lives.  Still I liked the insight.   We consistently challenged and brought in new ideas.  When it came down to it, it didn’t end well but it was what it was.  I gained a bigger sense of self.  I now know when it comes to it, I am willing to stand up for my own beliefs rather than surrender them.

So onward.    …& why haven’t I seen the connections before?

And better question: How to I look for that mental Zing that won’t fade away.  I want to be challenged yet how long can we possibly expect that to last?  The common outlook seems to bore me yet is that what is sustainable?  Or will there be one who will be able to share the passion of learning and thinking yet able to find common ground on those most important decisions in life?

I’m looking for Vin Diesel body & voice when I should be searching for a modern day Plato.

Or who knows.  Maybe I am destined to live my life on my own two feet in a constant state of inquiry.  Finding new ways to challenge my own thoughts while sharing a few moments with the creatures Dr Frankenfurter brings to life…

Oh Rocky!

“Judge no one happy until his life is over”

Here is hoping that I still have much more time before that Sword of Damocles dangles over my own head.


ALSO:  Decided it was high time that I did the 29 Gifts Challenge again!

Day one down yesterday.  Share something with a friend.  While I’m going to be doing the 29 Gifts challenge again & going to be accountable by checking in, I’m not sure that I will list each gift.

I want to inspire positive action and giving not promote my own.

…although I still say even Budda valued himself enough to see the worth in his own story.  We should all be proud enough of who we are to honor it & find joy in our paths to bliss.

Join me?


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