Dark Confession

I’m coming clean. Think what you want. Go ahead. I have a confession to make.

Today I came home from work to have a sandwich. Actually I packed a sandwich and took it to work, but that’s beside the point. Ended up I REALLY needed a break from the place today to clear my head so I came home to snuggle with Baxter, hang with the parrots & have a different sandwich.

I ate an ice cream sandwich for lunch.


Also I got a postcrossing card from Bychawa.

I didn’t even know there was a place that existed called Bychawa.  My first thought was “where the funck is that?”….then it dawned on me that the whole idea of post crossing wasn’t to get postcards only from places I knew about but to learn more about the world.  So Google away & there we go.. in Poland.  Bychawa is in Poland and before this afternoon I was oblivious to the place.





ok, still with me? The REAL confession is tonight I will be watching Harry Potter. So? So will a LOT of other people.

Well the truth is I still have yet to watch Harry Potters and the Deathly Hallows PART ONE! {GASP}

I know. I know. I have NO EXCUSE what so ever. Truth is that I remember watching most of the first Harry Potter movies in the theater with my father & sister…sometimes even my uncle.  I used to get so excited when  a new one came out.  I got REALLY excited as the books came out & read those in time… but somewhere along the way my enthusiasm has diminished.

Now I’m ok with not being the FIRST to see it.  Some how I’d still rather relax at home in bed tonight.  Enjoy a glass of wine and maybe even sleep a few hours before having to drag myself back into work.

Besides saving the cash could lead to much sweeter things in MY future.

A place it seems Harry will not be.

Maybe I’m just trying to procrastinate the end of this era in life.

Change has never been the easiest of things to accept.


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