Sometimes its the things that aren’t around that seem to be the things that occupy our thoughts the most.


How to get the elusive paycheck to pay the bills we know are coming.  The one cup of sugar we need for that recipe.  The toilet paper we keep forgetting to pick up after work at the store (thank gawdess for the wet wipes, extra roll from the spare bathroom & the pit stop at the grocery store tonight!).  and of course the connections with those we love.

Knowing a friend is going through a tough time hurts because there is nothing to be done but wait and let him know I’m here when he is ready to talk or whatever it is he wants to do.  Wishing I could be close to family as they battle to get back to where they want to be healthwise.  Simply being able to reach out and touch via a text or call.

On the flight back from a conference my sister attended in Orlando this past weekend, she lost her phone.  Best guess is it fell out when she was exiting the plane & flew directly to Brazil.   She cancelled the service to it to ensure that she wasn’t charged for international calls to who know where, but I don’t get to text her or send goofy pictures til she gets the new one all set up.  Didn’t even realize how much I sent those quick check ins.

Like riding home from work, I remembered something a friend said & wanted to share.  Nope… not happening.  Shopping I saw something that she would have loved…. took the picture went to send….and realized I couldn’t.  I sent it on to her husband, but it wasn’t the same.

Heartstrings are strong, but sometimes we just want those tiny check ins.  When the connections are lost, we are left feeling a bit lost.

Thankfully she is getting a new phone set up very soon.  My friend will heal from his loss and maybe there will be something I can figure out to do that will help him realize the loss is rough, but he has support.  Also if I am really lucky the family that isn’t doing so great will improve….and maybe if I am really lucky I will get to get/give hugs to them soon.

…also really thankful to have fresh rolls of recycled toilet paper in the house!

Recycled toilet paper always sounds very odd to me.  Slightly disturbing even thought I know it wasn’t toilet paper before.


very happy to announce that the book I was helping with has GONE TO PRINT!

Complete.  Finished.  End of project.  Ready to roll.  Nothing left to do but wait & then see how many sell.  I know I’m ready to get my copy in hand.  Will post a link as soon as they are ready for shipment.

Exciting to see it all come together.  Gives me hope that one day I can do it too.  Also feels great to have been a part of it all.  As digital as everything is, there is just something about the printed & bound words on a page.  Simple elegance.


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