Hidden Treasure

Sometimes I have to giggle at life.

Sometimes I need to keep the giggles to myself.  Thankfully not all.  Some I get to share with friends.  My lunch was a trouble maker today.  Thankfully the laughter was one I could share & as I did it dawned on me how lucky I am to have relationships with the comfort of inside jokes.  Its truly one of the treasures hidden in life.

I’m also lucky enough to have a coworker who I’m able to share a laugh with now & then.  A while back we had a conversation on relationships & I came across a last name that was less than ideal.  Reminded me of a past relationship that I was glad ended partially since I would never have to breach the subject of I would never want that last name associated with my first name.  Wasn’t a bad name per say but added with my first name it seemed a bit much.  So I said, “well at least you aren’t known as Ms.” Such & Such!  Could ALWAYS be worse.

I’m not sure I will ever understand a few names out there & what the parents must have been thinking when they named them.

Course I know some are inherited or married into (which I still see as a choice)… but then again I know these poor people got some serious teasing growing up!  Guess they probably still do.  (…secretly. in silence. behind desk where they never know. & served up with a side order of guilt but relief that its not my name)

Today’s serving of WTF consisted of last names like “Ayo”  “Semon” and “La”…to which I am lucky enough to have a fellow friend to giggle with!



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