Fire and Ice… left for gold

Once in my life I may remember mistakes made & embrace the lesson rather than dare myself to repeat them and expect different results.  Just not anytime soon it seems.

I admit it.  I was the kid who read the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books multiple times just to see what the out come and ending would be IF ONLY I had taken that one choice differently.

Sometimes we still ended up in the same place.

Fire will always end up melting ice.

The combination is exciting at first, but it just doesn’t last.  Fire changes to smoke and the ice to water.  Smoke on the water might be lyrics a song, but in life it seems not to be paradise.

Gold digger.

Not exactly a phrase I ever want to wear or ever have, but it struck me this morning.  No I’m not trying to escort myself to a higher level of dating, but in a lot of ways I am looking for gold.

More like panning.

Taking a pile of dirt and shaking it up.  Getting rid of the excess and washing off the few things that stick out in hopes of finding something worth keeping.  Something that in the end with sparkle.

I’ve been lucky enough to find a few gems in gem mining.  Even had a perfect piece of mystic topaz set into a ring.  But after time, I lost that ring.  Along with the person I went mining with.  Still I remember the experience.  I remember how exciting it was to wonder what was in that bucket.  To watch as the dirt fell through the screen and the water showed what lay beneath… the anticipation.  The memory stays.

Through all this dating at least I have the memories & the lessons learned about myself.  Maybe one day, I will find something worth keeping.


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