hourly pay or play

tonight , all smiles.

the work treat was DIVINE!

As a thank you for doing so great recently & working on a few big projects and increased work loads, the bosses took a few of us out for dinner tonight.  We were told at work today to meet up after work at a restaurant at the mall.

Drinks (I played nice & stuck with tea) & dinner were wonderful.  Great conversation with a couple of the best people alive.  It was bliss.

At the end of dinner, one of the bosses said “time for the game!” & grinned from ear to ear.  ….what game?

The other boss just laughed & said “ok.” and started passing out envelopes with the instructions not to open them until we all had ours.  So simultaneously we opened the envelopes with a bit of confusion.

A thank you card & a HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL!

Sweet!!!  I was ecstatic.  Dinner was enough. Heck the job & the regular paycheck with people I like doing a job & love is more than enough.

Now this?

I felt VERY lucky.

Then came the warning.  No one was allowed to take the hundred dollar bill home.  More very confused looks.  I thought okay… that is a bit strange…but I walked in here without the money, its ok if I walk out without it.

They gave us the rules.

  • We had to spend the money in the mall
  • No one was allowed to spend money on kids, spouses, anyone other than themselves – & with a direct look at me – not even on pets!
  • We HAD to spend the money on things for ourselves or give it back.  Any unspent money had to be returned.
  • No spending our own money on anything.  No going over the $100.
  • We had one hour and 15 minutes to spend it all & meet back up.
  • The person who brought back the least amount of change won a prize.  (REALLY? A prize? Dinner, the money, the fun… now MORE?)

& at that we were off!  Shooting in various directions to various stores to buy whatever it was we could think of.

What could I get?  What have I been wanting but not letting myself spend money on?  what? what? where?

Sounded so easy at the table!  I thought, no problem.  I haven’t been shopping in so long this will be a piece of cake.

Not so easy.  I decided that I should get something I could wear to work.  So the new sheet set was out.  Clothes? nah.. too hard to shop for on a time limit.  New shoes & purse?  SURE!

So I went looking.  Found shoes…. ON SALE!   No luck on the purse.  Of course when I have cash its hard to find one I love.  But I did get distracted by the jewelry.  Clearance necklaces, earrings, etc.  So much fun.  Like a kid playing in a relative’s jewelry box.

Still at the end of it, I had $8.70.

So I dashed in another store & found the nail polish at the counter.  I can always have fun with new nail polish.  Glitter? yes please. Purple? ok.  Light purple? why not?  Then I noticed the socks for 49 cents! Another something to wear to work!  So I got 3 pairs & found myself at 66 cents.

Almost got a gumball as I walked back to meet the group.

Already had the boss and 2 coworkers there waiting.  With 8 minutes to spare.

I didn’t win.  Even the gumball wouldn’t have let me win.  I would have lost by a penny.

A fashionista deal diva won.  $100 to FIFTEEN CENTS! The girl has skills.

So she got the prize.  A great smelling candle.

But honestly that might have been the coolest thing I have ever done as a work bonus.  Just one of those memories that you can’t imagine til it happens.  So grateful for wonderful creative people I work with.  So happy my life is mine tonight.

So looking forward to painting these nails & planning what I will be wearing tomorrow with my new shoes.

Yes its a very proud girly night.


…..& now that I have time to think, I have about a million things I am thinking I should have / could have gotten.  Still I think I will always treasure the memory the most!


2 thoughts on “hourly pay or play

  1. With a job like this one, you must think you’ve died and gone to heaven! Are these folks for real??? You are so fortunate to have found them and I hope it continues for you!.

  2. Right? It was VERY surreal and I am so thankful I found this job with this great group of people. Feels great. Makes me really glad I trusted my instincts and held out for something that felt right instead of just taking the other jobs before.

    Already talking about another celebration sometime soon! Its wonderful.

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