The Scene I’m In

Another day done.

Maniac Monday sizzled right into a simmer.

Frantic morning work catch up. Melting as lunch was picked up seeing the temperatures in triple digits. Rushing home to let the pugster out before heading off to meet a new group.  Coming home to finish the book project.

Even got a new post crossing postcard!  This time from Holland.

The scene flooded my mind with memories of walking around Amsterdam in 2001.  Even if by night it was insanity with the coffeeshops, the bars, the brothel booths with the crowds checking out the windows…the day had a serene peace about it.  The water flowing all over.  The peaceful people relaxing in the cafes, the strolls along the shops.  Just showed how different things can be and yet the same place.

Now me time.  As rushed and packed as the day was, now its quiet reflection time.

In the group tonight we ended with an invitation to set an intention.  For the life of me I couldn’t think of anything beyond getting the rest of the day’s to-do list done.  Nothing that seemed uplifting or empowering like others’ intentions.

Yet on the way home I was stopped at a light when I got the alert that I had an email.  Red light, so I checked the email.  A post card I had sent had arrived in Taiwan & been registered to the post crossing site.  The comment made me beam in pride since the post card was of a picture I had taken.

I looked over at the great oak trees lining Country Club Drive & thought “I should take a picture of them.  They would be beautiful in a picture.”  Then I really laughed.  They WERE beautiful! As is, in person, right there.  Why do I need to have a camera to focus in on the beauty around me?

Still it seems to come easier to do for me.  Something about the view through the camera just makes it all easier on the eyes.  The details pop out more.  The vision has limits.  Its framed and shows angles previously unnoticed.

So my intention for the next two weeks is to take more pictures.  Beyond that strive to notice more of the beauty in life and all within it – even without the camera.  Enjoy the moments and the scenes I am in.


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