alive with coffee in bed

I can not believe my body is speaking to me this morning, but all seems forgiven.

Started work yesterday around 1 pm & went going strong non-stop til 11 pm.  I did manage to find a cooler to sit on for a little while to enjoy a meal at some point, but otherwise I was moving non-stop.  Set up, hauling, loading, stocking, greeting, serving, plating, busing, cleaning & the non-stop carrying of a tray to collect empty glasses & bottles so there would be room for more to come & the fun didn’t skip a beat for the guests.  Hardest days work I have ever done I think.  All in 90 degree temps, in black pants & a catering coat.  HOT as can be!

Worth it?

You bet!

I got to attend one of the most beautiful weddings imaginable without having to bring a gift or worry about what to wear, who to bring or any of the other chaos normally that goes along with going as a guest.  This time I even got to see the ceremony as we set up since it was under a huge oak just steps away from the reception tent.

Love seeing all the special touches like the chandeliers under the tent.  The homemade lemon jams as their favors, the centerpieces, photos of the lives of these strangers we were honoring.  So many different pieces to make the day so unique.

Everyone was happy to see me & pleasant as can be.  Amazing how friendly people are when you are approaching them with a tray full of specialty drinks, wine or lamb pops to give away! The joy everyone felt was infectious.

Speaking of the food…. it was incredible!  Not only did I get a full meal of whatever I wanted, I get to pack a plate to take home of the leftovers.  Yes lunch is looking pretty amazing today & all FREE! delish

Got to catch up with a few people I hadn’t seen in years.  Surprised by how life changes us but impressed at the steps my friends take to rise above it all.  I’m so happy one is taking the steps she needs to even if its not what society standards say that should be.  We all have our own paths to walk.  Inspired me to forget what “should be” and try to relax in what is.  Trust that I will know what I need to do & that the doors that I need to walk through will appear when I need them most.

Even with the heat, the threat of the massive storm that skirted just around us with its high winds & hail, we survived the hours upon hours of intense physical labor.  My feet are dying for some too expensive for my budget shoes made for this type work.  Still they aren’t killing me as much as I thought they would.  My whole body was screaming last night as I showered & dragged myself to bed.  At points I wanted to just crawl on a table & lay down.  Only thing stopped me was I knew I would never get back up & work again if I allowed my body to take a break that deep.  Next time I have to wear a pedometer because I’m pretty sure I walked marathon lengths through the day & night…. all with a smile & a tray or box or whatever needed to be transported to make someone smile.  Killer workout.  Certainly not for the weak.  I am in awe of people who work doubles at high paced restaurants daily!  Its intense.  Hauling a kitchen full of stuff to the site & back is just added work.  Yes this makes me love my body & appreciate my desk job even more.

Did I mention I also get a paycheck?  In addition to all the bonuses above and that I didn’t spend a dime yesterday…. I’m getting paid for this! SCORE!

I had to laugh at the napkins, fans & several other favors yesterday.  Actually I didn’t pay them any attention til one of my friends, the chef, teased me & said I needed to keep the leftovers, find someone to marry with an “A” name & then I would be all set!  I teased back & said “yeah right! I think staying single would be easier and cheaper!”

So what might today bring? Relaxation.

So far nothing but snuggles, coffee in bed & trying to determine if I prefer blackberries, blueberries, strawberries or cherries the best.  This research is going to need repeating to get the results!

Oh & an incredible lunch just waiting to be reheated & eaten.


2 thoughts on “alive with coffee in bed

  1. Ali. Thank you thank you. For your fantastic job yesterday and your poetic reflections on the day. I am sorry for the aches and pains, though.
    There must be something about it because we all do it week after week in spite of the heat, bugs and long hours. Again thanks for a great job well done. : )

  2. You are right… there truly is something about it all that is enchanting! Better than any aerobics class or strength machine – or I may just be out of shape. 😉 I loved the experience none the less. Plus the friends & food make any job worth it. Looking forward to next time.

    Thank you!

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