All we can do is smile

Today is one of those days you need to get you through all the other days life throws at you.

Didn’t start out so wonderful.  Early morning.  Had a couple of mixed messages at work & ended up having to have some difficult conversations, which are never fun, but I can only hope that they will guide the person to where they need to be or protect others.

Had a lunch date that left me smiling bigger than I could have hoped.  My fingers are crossed.  This is uncharted territory, but I’m being brave.

Got back from lunch & tried to maintain my joy & be professional, then I really got lucky!

Turns out I was able to place this guy with a job.  So? I do that daily.  Why was this different? Well this was someone who has served in Afghanistan.  He is back from deployment and now out of the military service but has been unable to find work for the past four months.  That in itself would have made my day & made me proud of my job, but turns out today is the guy’s BIRTHDAY!  He was ecstatic!  Frankly so was I!  I was confident that this placement is going to be great and happy to help.  Talk about icing on the cake.

All my problems & cares solved? Nope.

But I am taking a lesson from my inner child & forgetting they exist.  Only the present moment with all its sensations are in my world.

Just me.  Being what I am.  Feeling what I feel.  For whatever it’s worth.

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