Dreaming House

Bit too old to play house I guess, but still I guess a gal can dream.

Maybe by imagining what could be, it can be.

Hypothetically taking away all the obstacles in the way & adding an unlimited budget & deciding to furnish the ideal house with a few things this morning.

Like a hammock…

if its big enough for two, even better

Every body needs a place to relax.  Catch a few rays, be cuddled by a breeze and rock into a nap.

and a dining room table set…

its one of the things I miss most in this crammed space.  Eating, chatting, organizing, working on projects, so much life around a table.  So many memories made, be it a simple meal for two or entertaining friends.

a staircase…

don’t quite know why but I love them.  Always wanted one.  Something about the transition from up to down.  Plus the added exercise possibilities!  Great place to display framed photos and art.  I’d love to have images of family displayed.  Snapshots as the times go by and glimpses of those who aren’t around.

And is there anything more fun to decorate at the holidays?  Certainly would make for some beautiful pictures of family and friends through the year.

which reminds me that I always want a fireplace and mantle.

…that geese art would not work in my house…

Cozy, warm, romantic and comforting.  The hearth makes a home.

also needed is a closet…

a large, well organized, functional closet.

but always…

love this bathroom bubble backsplash work! fun.

I need a touch of whimsy.

Inspiration to remember life is all a dream & is what we make it.  Why not be uniquely mine to live.


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