staged life

A peach shake, a fresh peach, dose of chill pill & several hours just snuggling the pug & watching crap TV, I don’t feel as bad as I did this morning.  Still not thrilled with my life at the moment, but whatever.  We all have lows to get through.  Makes us appreciate the good times.

Some things you just can’t change in life.  The key is to figure out the ones you can change & focus on them.  That & learn to accept the others.  Even when they seem unacceptable.

I also realize how stupid these home staging shows are.

The value of staging a home in order to sell it is immense & I don’t argue that it is vital to getting people to see the value of the home.  Its the shows on TV showing people how to do it that blew me away today.

Also got me thinking about my place & the idea of moving.

Its something we are considering, but I’m not holding my breath.  Things tend to not work out when I want them to. Maybe this time…

In selling these homes on TV, it seems like they basically want to remove everything that is personal.  Makes sense.  Help the potential owners to see themselves living in that environment.  Help them to see the features of the house rather than the furniture, etc of the current sellers.

What I don’t get is how people are supposed to do all this REALISTICALLY.  One owner had a bird.  They made them move the HUGE bird cage and all of the bird stuff out of the house to do the showing.  Moved furniture in the area that was the bird’s area even.  Never mentioned where the bird went. Just seemed to go from parrot in the house to no parrot in the family.

Another owner had a big plant that she had grown since it was a small trimming from another plant.  She was proud of the plant & they simply said it HAD TO GO.  Not relocate it into the basement out of the front room, just get rid of it! Sad.

Clutter of course is basically in all the episodes.  One today was a family that had out grown their current place after adopting 3 kids.  They had more stuff than storage.  So they made them box up stuff & get it out.

So basically, I need a storage unit to move everything to or to get the new place?  There goes the idea of selling this place before buying the new one.  One of the reasons I want a new place is that I have out grown this one.  I would like a place with a dining area separate from the living room.  A designated craft room.  Currently my living room serves as all these things (no dining table, just the coffee table) as well as the place for the birds, treadmill, dog crate & anything else that comes into the place.  Its cluttered.  The layout just doesn’t work.  Which is one big reason I want to move.

Of course the biggest is to get out of the college party zone and move away from all the memories.  Its like I can feel the funk here.  The unorganized stuff doesn’t help either.

Its such a holding pattern.  I have boxes to store stuff that I had planned on moving into the storage unit I was going to get.  Still in the bedroom.

I can not wait til I get into another situation where there is space.

But then again, I’m just one person.  880 square feet should be enough.  So why isn’t it? (Other than I am sick of the neighborhood & the memories)  Guess its a longing to fake it til you make it.  I’m ready to move into the adult home from the party flat.  Designated rooms and space to do things like cook & serve dinner to guests.

Live the life I want to instead of just the one I am in.

Hope for a better future than the one I see.

I know its there.  Just need a map since I seem off course.


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