On to the Monday again

The weekend has FLOWN by.

..exhausted & ready to relax in our own bed again, but all in one piece!

Trip to see the parents was less than eventful, thankfully! Although it wasn’t the happiest of times, we still laughed and had a good time.  Good food, quiet moments and moment I will never forget.

Like waking up to see my Dad run by the couch with a water gun mumbling about the squirrels! Yes he specially purchased a water gun to see if it would have a range long enough to spray the feeders from the deck area.  Too his delight & their surprise, it did!

Yes I get my zest for enjoying silly moments in life naturally.

I also got a couple of postcards from around the world today!

The one on the left is from Taiwan and the one on the right from Russia.  I am loving postcrossing.  One thing I noticed on these two are how beautiful the stamps are on each card.  I remember being a kid & reading about stamp collectors and dreaming how fun that would be – it was like collecting stickers for adults!  So I guess now I am making that dream come true – with post cards attached.

One thought on “On to the Monday again

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