So many sides

Strange how good I feel for no real reason.   Just sent a postcard to Taiwan…after receiving one from Lithuania!

Postcrossing is just plain fun.  Insights into the lives of other parts of the world for no real reason but the fun of sharing.

Course at the moment, all I am feeling is completely exhausted.

Late night with friends enjoying just being.  Funny how things can feel perfect without labels or expectations.  Sometimes you just let life unfold for whatever it is.  No need to make it the “BEST NIGHT EVER” or anything just take it as it comes.  I relaxed so much last night just being I forgot to even take any pictures.  Great food, terrific laughs and a smile on my face as my head hit the pillow.

Still loving work but today was hard.  First time I have had to speak with someone who was a convicted felony with a couple of assault on female charges.  I had to break the news that due to the charges he would not be able to be considered for the job he was hoping for.  I made it through the conversation with him & watched his face fall in disappointment.  I saw the regret in his face as he said he understood & that yes he was aware the charges were on his record.  “It was a long time ago.” Just a few years, but changed his life.  Seemed like a nice guy. Strange to think in some instance he was someone who would be in a situation where he would be found guilty of acts warranting those charges.

After the conversation I physically felt sick.  I wasn’t quite sure I was going to be able to keep working but I did.  Being a female bearing bad news gave me the creeps.  I’m sure I wasn’t his favorite person at the moment, but I tried my best to handle the situation in a professional and respectful manner.  Not having any real facts or being there, I can’t assume to know what inspired the events or why whatever happened.  He is a human and acted very polite and kind to me.  Yet being someone who daily is frustrated by a finger that won’t straighten & fear inside me that seems to never leave, I wanted to just cry.  I wanted to ask how can someone treat someone else like just a thing?

Thankfully high paced days don’t leave room to dwell.  Other distractions demanded attention & other candidates were there for their chance and interviews.

and thankfully I had memories of last night to help me remember that there are some REALLY great people out there who don’t just see people as things.  People who care.  Plus I have family time to look forward to.

Going to visit mom tomorrow.

Long day at work following a long night just didn’t make a long drive very appealing.

So early to bed, early (for a weekend) to rise & hit the road.

Hoping that this weekend goes smoothly.


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